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The introduction

The introduction - VETROLUX TOOLS

Operating on the world market for more than 30 years and thanks to the experienced acquired through time combined with the ability af selecting raw materials, it is the ideal partner in the diamond tools field.

Protection of the environment

Protection of the environment - VETROLUX TOOLS

Particular attention is given to all those factors that may have negative effects on enviroment. As for commonly used materials, we scrupulously adhere to European in force standards.

Goal: product quality

Goal: product quality - VETROLUX TOOLS

Products quality combined with inclination towards customers represent our key-to-success factors. Being chosen and appreciated by our customers means standing out for efficiency and for performance and image quality; this is the reason why we only make use of high-quality raw materials.

The wide and complete range of tools is synonym of expertise and of a good knowledge in raw materials, machineries and applicative topics about materials processing.

The DIAMOND: major choice

The DIAMOND: major choice - VETROLUX TOOLS

The diamond plays a primary role in tools production and accordingly is important to well know all types available on the market and identify the most suitable ones for each application.

Tolerance limits

Tolerance limits - VETROLUX TOOLS

Tolerance definition in the production of a toll is very important for a good operation of the tool and for the final product quality.